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I am not your concern

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Jul. 24th, 2008 | 07:36 pm
mood: aggravatedaggravated
music: Not your concern- The Hush Sound

SO! I guess you can group me in with all other teenage girls who fight with their moms. But, right now I am pissed, infuriated, discombobulated, and READY to explode. But that tends to be messy. My mother has an easy way of spreading her stress to me. It's like soft spreadable butter. It goes on REAL easy, and it's plain old delicious. And she talks behind my back.... IN FRONT OF MY BACK! I'm thinking, HELL, let's all just sit down and talk about how irresponsible I am, how stupid and immature I am. You talk, I'll listen. Of course, I don't solve problems. I pretend they're gone until they blow up into epic proportions. Would you like to hear how I ignore them? If not, take your mouse... go to the top Right corner of the browser.... and CLICK! gone. And if you do, here you go.

I block out all noises. Everything. I don't want to hear myself breathing. I don't want to feel footsteps moving. I don't want to hear anything, except music. Flowing in and out, ebbing and returning. thump, thump, thump... goes the bass, the tinkling of the piano crossing all eighty-eight keys. The pierce of my ear drums as somebody hits a high note on their Les Paul. Chills when somebody hits the high note... with their Lungs. The cymbals suddenly crashing as the pre-chorus ends and the chorus begins. Then of coarse there are the lyrics of the poetic souls who have taken pens to napkins and penciled in quotes on crossword puzzles to map together the coarse of a song. They write about troubles, excitement, love, distress, affairs, rock and roll, sex, god, summer... and so much more, often leaving me in a fit of sobs as i mourn for their loss or for my own. And sometimes, the lyrics aren't always as easy to recognize of what they are speaking. So i listen, once, twice, three times or more to conquer their difficult metaphors. And finally being being successful in figuring them out always leaves a shimmering grin slapped upon my face. And this is how i ignore my problems.

...at least it ended happy.

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from: kellisbratpack
date: Jul. 25th, 2008 12:43 pm (UTC)

ha thanks.

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